i wonder if anyone else does this...
you know those things you do that you think are a little weird?
everyone does them. here's proof.

started february twenty-first twenty eleven.
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trust me, everyone's just as weird as you are.

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i wonder if anyone else still knocks on wood, like I do.
4 March × 11:35pm × 2 notes
i wonder if anyone else stores money in their bra, like I do.

It’s just SO convenient.

4 March × 11:34pm × 2 notes
i wonder if anyone else has “FINALLY FINISH A RUBIKS CUBE” on their bucket list, like i do.


4 March × 11:29pm × 2 notes
i wonder if anyone else is terrified of love, like i am.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to let go to the point where I’ll fall in love and be loved in return.

4 March × 11:28pm × 3 notes
i wonder if anyone else gets concerned when they get deja vu, like an almost anxiety, worried, feeling, like I do.

"It’s just weird, just uncanny."

2 March × 07:06pm × 2 notes
i wonder if anyone else actually thinks pick-up lines are kinda cute, like I do.

"Are those space pants? …. Cause your but is out of this world!"

2 March × 06:37pm × 3 notes
i wonder if anyone else thinks the word “Fag” is the most revolting, disgusting word on the planet, like I do.

"Seriously. It’s not an awesome word to insult someone with, it’s a derrogatory term for homosexuals. Don’t throw it around, it makes you sound precocious, douchey and offensive. There are much less evil terms you can use to yell at your brother for leaving the toilet seat up again."

2 March × 06:27pm × 5 notes
i wonder if anyone else is pretty neutral about bieber, like i am.

"Yeah, he’s cute. Yeah, he’s got talent. But, he’s awkward during interviews and needs to practice dancing and singing at the same time. I appreciate him, but I’m pretty impartial when it comes to either going nuts over Bieber fever or hating his guts."

2 March × 06:24pm × 1 notes
i wonder if anyone else thinks it’s much better hearing your favourite song on the radio, rather than just on your ipod, like I do.


2 March × 06:21pm × 3 notes
i wonder if anyone else reeeeeeeeeeeeally really wishes they were funny, like, tina fey funny, like I do.

"Like, I have a good sense of humour, and I have my moments, but I could never do stand-up, I could never do improv, I’m just not clever-funny. I think it’d be amazing to be funny."

2 March × 06:16pm × 3 notes


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